Web3's first "on-chain" communication building blocks

Technology infrastructure that enables 1000s of "on-chain" communication dApps.

// Send mail over Ethereum network
const mail = new Mail(config);
const envelope: Envelope = {...};
const tx = await mail.send(envelope);


Getting started

Learn about permissionless, self-custodial & immutable on-chain communication, build on top of our OCC (i.e. on-chain communication) protocol stack or utilize the power of our SDKs & white labels.


Learn how to easily integrate our protocols into your product


Step-by-step guides to setting up your dMail and dChat white-label UIs

This documentation library serves as a guide for developers and solutions users that are getting started with 4thTech. The documentation library also serves as a location to explore and understand the solutions and all the different resources available to assist with integration or system usage.


4thTech is a Block Labs project built as a Web3 infrastructure technology framework, that aims to empower decentralized communication that can enable 1000s of dApps to evolve on Web3.

Core primitives

While various use cases are possible, let's use dMail and dChat as examples. The dChat W2W message exchange happens on-chain as one short message represents one L1 or L2 blockchain transaction. As dMail is data heavier, lite encrypted JSON objects are created to hold dMail metadata. The link to this metadata and checksum is recorded on the chain as a blockchain transaction. The same goes for W2W data file transfers where; 1 data file package transfer = 1 L1/L2-TX. So again, the core primitive described by the formula below applies;


1 email/message/data-exchange = 1 L1/L2-TX

Every wallet becomes an on-chain identity, and the message or data vault can be accessible (i.e. decrypted) only with users' private keys!

There are three encryption options available within the protocol:

  • custom encryption
  • AES - randomly generated secret key (i.e. Advanced Encryption Standard)
  • AES - secret key produced by ECDH (i.e. Elliptic-Curve Diffie-Hellman)


not your keys = not your email/message/data