# Corporate Visual Identity

We have prepared the official 4thTech logos and corporate visual identity assets, that can be downloaded for PR purposes.

# About 4thpillar Technologies or short 4thTech

4thpillar Technologies or short 4thTech is the next-gen multi-blockchain ecosystem, platform, cryptocurrency, and a suite of decentralized applications that enable users to send, receive private dMails or exchange E2EE on-chain messages with no possibility of data mining or data tracking.

With a charter to establish foundation for decentralized:

  • digital identity (i.e. dID);
  • multi-chain data exchange (i.e. dMail);
  • data verification (i.e. dNotary);
  • instant messaging (i.e. dChat);
  • decentralization of cloud storage.

4thTech strives to enable a self-sovereign framework of data authorization and ownership representation and leverages the power of blockchain to facilitate data source and time confirmation.

Established already in 2017, the initiative is composed of individuals and companies who collaborate to create decentralized solutions for the benefit of everyone, compatible and in line with European Blockchain services infrastructure and usable or extendable globally.

# One-liner

Next-gen multi-chain platform that enables E2EE (i.e. end-to-end encrypted) Web3 communication in the form of dID, dMail, dChat & dNotary.

Complete media kit download
Primary logo Logo In the 1st instance please use primary logo. png / svg
Primary logo (white) Logo In the 2nd instance please use secondary logo. png / svg
Token Icon Ethereum Logo png / svg
Token Icon Polygon Logo png / svg
Token Icon Solana Logo png / svg
Token Icon Binance Smart Chain Logo png / svg


💡 Please select the logo depending on the contrast and the background. Do not stretch, modify, change the colour or redesign the logo in any way!

# Project Fonts

Inter, Orbitron

# Project Colours

4thTech blue: #76BEDD

4thTech black: #444444

4thTech red: #F2295B

4thTech grey: #F5F5F5, #ADADAD