Decentralized storage is used to temporarily or permanently store encrypted data that are exchanged between wallets in the dMail or dChat process. The decryption and access to the data files are possible only with the user's private key.


BTFS (i.e., BitTorrent File System) is the next-generation decentralized file storage system built for Web3 Applications. BTFS provides a global decentralized storage service with high reliability. Interoperability with smart contracts based on BTTC, ETH & TRON makes BTFS Web3 native while becoming more scalable along with low cost and increased security. The BTFS network primarily comprises BTFS nodes, including renters and hosts. Users can upload files by paying for storage.

4thTech uses PuzzleX as a BTFS on-demand service, which integration is available as one of the options in the SDK.


Developers can choose from different available storage options in the SDK. Due to specific development requirements, various options are available.